Celebrating Earth Day on the Farm

The annual celebration of Earth Day represents an important celebration for a family-owned and operated enterprise like the Westmoreland Berry Farm. While everyone holds a stake in the well-being of the environment and planet, The Farm depends very much on Mother Nature’s cooperation to produce the most beautiful, abundant berries possible.


The Westmoreland Berry Farm recognizes the importance of environmental protection and awareness.  The Farm sits right next door to the Voorhees Nature Preserve, 729 acres of natural forest trails, protected wetlands and spectacular views.  Preserved by the Nature Conservancy, this area features some of the most beautiful landscapes the state of Virginia has to offer, treating lucky visitors to sightings of more than 93 different kinds of birds and animals, including Bald Eagles.  Anyone visiting the Farm would do well to stop by the Voorhees Nature Preserve on their trip, as well!


Trail overlook


The banks along Rappahannock River also offer a fantastic site for hiking, picnicking or rest and relaxation.  Take an opportunity to breath in the fresh air, see the natural surroundings and relax in a rocking chair on our veranda or numerous picnic tables around the Farm.  An infused-lemonade from Twinkle’s Cafe is a perfect way to beat a hot day.


Celebrate Earth Day every day this season by visiting the Westmoreland Berry Farm, the Voorhees Nature Preserve or the Rappahannock River.  Remember to recycle and conserve whenever possible!



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