February 2017

“Pruning the Fruit Trees”

Kane Lloyd, Farm Manager of Westmoreland Berry Farm, shares his expertise and knowledge about the care and harvest of the Farm’s fruit trees.

Pruning in February has several benefits:

  •  It’s a timing issue – pruning our orchards can take up to two months. We are already seeing swelling buds on our fruit trees due to the warmer weather.
  •  The fruit grows its best and healthiest on pencil-size branches. Too many of these branches will yield more fruit than the tree can handle and the tree may be damaged due to breakage.
  • It’s best to keep the trees at a certain size, which helps in the harvesting later … we don’t need tall ladders to pick the fruit.
  • It is also done by variety. The fruit tree which has an early harvest is pruned first.
  • And finally, pruning allows for the sun’s light to filter through the branches. The sunlight helps in the ripening process.

The pre-Spring and pre-harvest pruning process is necessary to have plentiful and delicious fruit for our guests – both at the Farm and at our farmers markets!

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