National Farmers’ Market Week

Who doesn’t enjoy fresh, ripe berries and vegetables?  Farmers’ markets provide tasty, nutritious, locally-sourced produce to their surrounding communities, and are an invaluable resource.  But the benefits go beyond just great tasting food; buying from a farmer’s market eliminates waste, reduces pollution and also supports local, neighborhood business!


Let’s take a deeper look at how farmers’ markets offer a much greater benefit than big-box grocery retailers…


  • Tasty & Delicious: local produce arrives at the snack, lunch and dinner tables faster and in better condition (without the need for sugars or other artificial preservatives).
  • Embrace Our Differences: increased genetic diversity is important in maintaining sustainable food supplies.  Family farms grow a large variety of crops to maximize the growing season, while commercial, corporate farms concentrate on growing quantities with little regard to environmental or genetic sustainability.
  • Conserve & Protect: farmers’ markets uses less packaging and requires less energy for transportation and storage over these longer distances.  Local farmers are also typically more respectful and mindful of the environment and sustainability of the land.
  • Community Outreach: farmers’ markets allow people to meet and greet the neighbors and farms in their community, fostering good relations and a knowledge of what’s locally grown and available.



Want to get in on the locally-grown action?  The Westmoreland Berry Farm offers a number of weekly Farmers’ Markets.  And you’re always cordially invited for a family day on the farm to pick berries, visit the goats and enjoy a walk on the Voorhees Nature Preserve.  Visit the farm with your family today!

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