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Our Goats

Our Goats



The Westmoreland Berry Farm has more than just Berries. For generations, visitors have flocked from all over the state of Virginia (and beyond) to visit the Farm and see our playful, energetic and loving goats. They are a must-see for any visit to the Farm, including the “Goat Walk,” or their journey across a ramp that transverses the road leading into the Farm. This year, the Westmoreland Berry Farm is lucky enough to have three new baby goats to welcome incoming visitors!


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We have closed down permanently. Thank you for visiting the Farm.

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We have CLOSED permanently.

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Call before you head to the farm for the latest field conditions, and to ensure the fields are open- as the weather changes quickly.

We don't currently have any berries available for picking. Please see our Growth Calendar for more information.

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