“When will berry picking season begin?”

The GREAT QUESTION, “when will the berry picking season begin?” This

question is one of the most popular questions we will have each season, and the most

difficult to answer!See we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and she just

like most women, takes forever to get ready! She is constantly having hot

and cold flashes and never knows what to wear!  Some days it will be raining

everywhere but here, like there is an umbrella hanging over us. Then other days,

it feels like it will be raining for weeks. Eventually, she gives us that perfect balance

of weather we need and then voila, berry picking begins! Yay! So how

to answer the question? Well, we have a projected date that comes from our picking

season history. Each year we predict that the picking season will begin for strawberries

the first week of May.

In the past, berry picking has rarely hit the mark, coming late April or mid-May.

This season, we are predicting an early crop, but Mother Nature can change all

that in an instant! Each day the field is assessed by Farmer Kane and his team.

This is why we encourage all of our “berry fans” to follow our social media

pages (#wbf, #theberrybest) and website to stay up to date with the most

recent crop news and special events. Opening day is April 26th!

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